Meet Oghomwen Toni-Osagie; The Hyphenated Novelist that uses Romance as a lifeline.


‘I wrote this book so Nigerian parents can pay attention to their young child, African parents don’t pay attention to the long term effect of broken homes, first love and the sexual pressure their young children face in our society, this book touches all that and the after shocks.’


Oghomwen Toni-Osagie started writing professionally  8years ago, she remembers getting into college and being paid to write for entertainment magazines and websites.

While studying Law and being a recluse she decided to write under different pseudonyms. With each character she would assume the life of her protagonist and write a compelling fiction that’s so realistically driven and resonates.

The first book in the ‘Lagos Waka’ trilogy, IBUKUN DONALD is set for release August 2019.

Ibukun Donald is a Lagos socialite, she is currently living her best life and her lifestyle is goals, she seems to have it all down but her story unfolds to a young troubled girl that’s from a broken home and is carrying a 7year old secret that could change the course of her and her family’s lives.

The Lagos Waka series details the intricacies of the Lagos socialite and unravels their well hidden and packaged struggles. 

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