Burna Boy.

My mate Osarumen asked me to write a piece on Burna Boy for his docuseries, I wrote this yesterday at 5:12am.

The other day I was in a meeting room with some ‘higher ups’ and as usual they’ll see a young lady and try to make you feel like you’re just there as a prop or something beautiful to look at.

Normally I’ll just be quiet, I won’t speak unless I am spoken to. I hate to have to ‘prove’ myself to ANYBODY because at the end of the day, no one can take away your blessing, skill set or destiny.

Then the conversation went ‘millennial’ and they started talking about Burna Boy.

I have been a fan of Burna Boy since the days he was accused of stabbing a 15 year old in the UK (allegedly) and when he used to run around with the yellow bone South African rapper, AKA.

So the conversation went to how these older men felt like his mom was a huge impact in his rejuvenation.

I didn’t talk I just listened.

I see all my friends in Nigeria and in the diaspora excited for Burna and his success.

Music has always been my escape. I listen to everything that’s good. I could take you on, any genre. Even Taylor Swift.

Burna Boy.

If he is with Steff. I’ll tell her to keep him. That’s a keeper. Hands down. There is NOTHING like a man you can learn from.

It’s WAY more than his success, it’s his ambience, Burna is a man that has always been about that life.

Burna Boy has always been Burna Boy. His music has always been a Representation of his personality traits and he reminds me so much of a young Kanye West.

Everyone compares him to Fela but I’ll chill.

Fela is like Shea butter. There’s no substitute to Shea butter… Yet.

Burna Boy is Burna Boy.

I haven’t fully gone through the African Giant album yet because I get overwhelmed and it has nothing to do with being female it’s just so unbelievably overwhelming that there’s a caliber of male species that has his train of thought in 2019.

He told Coachella to put his name in Capital letters. He made a statement about this and made them know he was unhappy with their logic.

Sentimental? Not really.

I come from a school of thought where I believe that it’s important to take a stand. Always. You won’t understand it till you work with expatriates in Lagos and they have a different toilet for the Nigerian staff or they tell you they (expatriates) can’t drink water from the same dispenser as the Nigerian staff and your HR (a fellow Nigerian) sees nothing wrong with it.

I remember 2 years ago, At 23 I got a job offer and I told the HR I wanted to earn way more money because I was a value added to the company. They were offering a Norwegian lady double of what I asked for.

I want everyone to have that Burna Boy effect.

You’re a value added.

You’re not just another black skinned monkey for a hashtag.

I’m in a room full of multi millionaires and they’re telling me about Burna Boy.

White supremacy is not just about this and that, it’s about knowing you’re an African Giant, you’re automatically a ‘threat’ to them even if you’re out here and winning. It’s like meeting a girl with black lips you assume she’s a smoker, or meeting a girl with knuckles, you assume she’s bleaching.

I read somewhere that Nigerians are the most hard working ethnic group.

Best believe. We have been on.

I’m not surprised by Burna Boy’s success. It’s about time and I wish everyone will tap into their innermost selves and do and be more.

They tell you No, ask them WHY?

Say no to slavery mentality.

We are Africans and we are the originals. They let us think they’re doing us favors but we are history and without us there is no them.

The only advantage they had was MONEY and more resources, I say more because we had the resources too. Maybe not in the same capacity, but they had the money to grow and be bigger, so they came here and used their affiliations and knowledge. The irony is to date MONEY still has that same power on us. Like Burna Boy said this is a story for another day.

If they are Adam, we are Eve. God gave Adam ‘everything’ and said he was missing something fundamental, Eve. People don’t understand how significant that is. The creation of Eve after all He did is so deep and resonates to the interpretation of society right now.

Being black is WAY more than nappy hair, I saw the H&M advert with the black kid and I feel a way because it’s okay to ask why the black kid’s hair wasn’t styled properly. Why wasn’t it oiled?

In all honesty which AFRICAN mother will allow her kid go out like that? African women will be broke with bad credits but will oil and perfume their kids when they are expecting visitors talk more of appearing on an ad for H&M.

I need us to be wise enough to change the narrative, who cares about edges and hair texture? They make us out to be shallow minded and mundane monkeys because we give 100% energy to ‘irrelevant things’ and not the bigger picture.

My takeaway from Burna Boy is simple, being African and a Nigerian is his core value, he is enriched with the doctrines of submission and slavery mentality. He brought his seat to the table everywhere he went because they expected him to stand or wait outside so he always came prepared.

P.S. – Please read your books, research and educate your mind. I haven’t finished listening to the album (African Giant) yet but I’m on Track 14 and so far I can tell he educated his mind before he put out this body of work.

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  1. Mo says:

    I never thought about looking at what Burna Boy stood for as a person from this angle. You’ve perfectly spelled out what I constantly tell my Nigerian peers; stand up for yourselves, you are not second to the white man.

  2. a says:

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    articles or reviews.

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