Dear Struggle…

Dear Struggle,

Hey… it’s me again.

I don’t like you very much but you always seem to interfere in my life. I need that to stop.

I have bills. Real life bills.

I want to offset these bills. We don’t need you. Honestly we don’t.

There’s this girl I like, she’s high maintenance and she likes me too. I want to take her to The George and buy her some breakfast just because.

There’s this guy I like I want Mai Atafo to come by his house after Sunday service to fit him for a tuxedo.

I have kids. It’s almost the end of the summer and school fees is here.

Dear struggle I can’t do these things if you’re in my life.

My wife wants a hot girl summer but I have just one comma in my utility account. I want 2… or 3 commas in my account.

I want money.

Leave me alone struggle.

My kids want Disneyland Singapore.

Dear struggle, you’re making me nervous.

Dear Struggle, I work too hard to be broke.

A wise man once said opposites attract… so am I doing this thing wrong? Do I need to chill? Be a bum? so you leave me?

Dear Struggle, I want tea parties with the other moms at my kids schools. I want my kids to live life.

Dear struggle I want to chop life.

I can’t chop life if you’re here.

I want to live my best life… again, I can’t do that if you’re here.

Dear Struggle, I want my waist to be 21 when I’m 50.

Broke people aren’t ever really peng or buff… I’m too broke to be fit.

What I look like being hungry and fit?!?!

Dear struggle, like SAINt JHN said, I want to be way too lit to be humble. I’m thinking parties in The South of France.

Dear Struggle, I know you blame me for being a small girl without a Big God, but it’s Gucci.

There’s no pun intended in that statement. None at all.

I want to tell my mates there’s nothing in flying Private, I ride choppers and PJs like it’s Uber.

Go disturb my neighbors, I’m good.

Dear struggle, please block me.

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