My Fête to Griots and Bards.

Yesterday I saw a part of Lagos I had never seen in my 25years here.

I got introduced to a group of artsy people alike and it was so original and undiluted.

If you know me you’ll know this is my vibe, I always told my family how I would love to move to Brooklyn ( because all my favorite poets live there) Get a one bed space, write my poetry, link up with Shihan and make spoken words or link up with Bassey ikpi and just write about life.

I called @bigfootinyourface and told him I wanted to belong to a community because I was feeling lost with my writings, he made some magic and he didn’t use fruity loops 💀

It just makes me really happy to be doing what gives me joy, I read in YOU version that Joy is everlasting and happiness is fleeting. I’m not doing this full time yet,

but ‘chill it will come to pass in Gods timing’( MI Abaga voice)

Thank you to everyone that came to my book launch, thank you for buying my stuff and still paying attention.

I’m not Braille, you don’t have to touch me to know me. (This has been my experience in the corporate 9-5 life)

This is everything to me. Everything. I want to write.


I hope I always find time and not procrastinate. Yesterday was a dream come true and I can’t wait for more opportunities.

Love Always,

Oghomwen Toni-Osagie.

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